1. 20:30 11th Jul 2014

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    Theme Song from Comedy Central’s Broad City

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    I bet once Handsome Man/Porno Fuck and i are in luv i am going 2 look back @ these and read them 2 him and he will be like awhhh ur such a freak u lil shit i luv u and we’ll smooch (maybe)

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    1. Pro-lifer: Would you have wanted to be aborted
    2. Me: Yes
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    Ok let’s not get ahead of ourselves he’s not my almost boyfriend but he better WANT TO BE (and he better invite me over to play video games once he’s not shitting uncontrollably)

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    Handsome man is sick and i was upset that he wouldn’t let me bring him anything but then kari said he was probably just shitting everywhere and he had 2 hurt me bc he loves me (like spiderman) so long story short my almost boyfriend is a poopy spiderman

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    I sent this to Handsome Man and he said “mission accomplished” B)

    I sent this to Handsome Man and he said “mission accomplished” B)

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    Tbh i think my Look 2day is a little bit 2 fresh 4 work